Super light 48L Tau-48 pack
Tau-48 - clean and simple designs
Tau-48 - contoured back
Ice tool attached to Tau-48
Tau-48 ice tool attachment
Ultimate lightweight workhorse for extreme adventures
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Manufactured in Washington

MSRP : $575

The &#964-48 (Tau-48) Pack is the big brother of our &#964-35 (Tau-35) Pack. At a mere 1 lb 7 oz stripped, it just may be the lightest ultralight alpine pack of its size. This pack is almost made exclusively out of Cubic Tech’s Cuben Fiber materials. If you need an ultralight alpine pack but your gear won’t fit in our &#964-35 (Tau-35) Pack, the &#964-48 (Tau-48) Pack is the choice for you.

2 comments on “Tau-48
  1. Chad Kellogg says:

    Review of the Tau 48 Pack.
    I have used the Tau 48 pack extensively on a half dozen expeditions to Asia and Patagonia. This lightweight pack is large enough to carry loads to stock camps as well as make fast alpine style climbs. In the last 18 months I have used the pack over 200 days and the Cubic Tech fiber has taken the abuse in stride.

    The removable top lid, waist belt and side straps enable the user to adjust the pack to specific needs and objectives. I am very happy with the performance and durability of the Tau 48.

  2. Mark Smiley says:

    I agree with Chad on all accounts. My Tau 48 has been taking a beating on my climbs in Alaska, BC, Colorado, Alberta, California and Washington. Weather its Rainier or Denali, you are going to be so stoked you are carrying the best, lightest, extremely durable pack on the planet.

    The only place I do not recommend taking this pack is rock cragging and ski touring where you have to put the skis on the pack. The extra abuse is not worth it. Save this bad boy for your big fast and light alpine climbing and backpacking missions.

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