Crampon Pouch

Crampon Armour
Includes removable thin, puncture resistant HDPE sheet
Crampon Armour
Attached to Figure Four Delta Pack
Crampon Armour
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Our Crampon Armour (our take on the traditional crampon pouch) easily attaches to the outside of Figure Four Packs*. The pouch uses 2 thin HDPE sheets to make it one of the most puncture resistant crampon pouches available and yet weigh less than the average crampon pouch. If you just want an additional pouch for carrying items, removed the HDPE sheets to further reduce the pouch weight.
Though the Crampon Armour has been designed to ideally attach to Figure Four packs, it may be able to attach to other packs.  The Crampon Armour uses 2 straps running around the outside coupled with 2 slides to semi-permanently attach to packs, utilizing the straps and buckles to further cinch it down.  Below you can find the attachment point measurements; the Crampon Armour will attach better the closer your pack measurements are to the Crampon Armour attachment point measurements.  Ideally you can pass the Crampon Armour straps through your pack’s attachment points.
Vertical distance

5.375 inch (strap center to strap center)

Horizontal distance

5 inch

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